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The first charging stations in Poland that support the V2G functionality at the Solaris Charging Park in Bolechowo

Solaris Charging Park in Bolechowo, Ekoenergetyka

Solaris Charging Park in Bolechowo near Poznań is an innovative, multi-station charging station for electric vehicles: e-buses, hydrogen buses and trolleybuses. Ekoenergetyka-Polska has delivered a multi-output charging station with a high maximum power of 600 kW and V2G functionality, thanks to the innovative adaptation of the ISO 15118-2 protocol.

The Solaris Charging Park was developed to extend the production line and demonstrate new charging solutions. It also allows you to test new technologies and functions while loading and unloading produced vehicles. It is the first charging park in Poland that supports the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functionality, i.e. a two-way flow of energy between electric vehicles and the power grid. This technology enables flexible loading and unloading of buses. The unquestionable advantage of this solution is more effective cost management by unloading buses for testing purposes and using them as mobile energy storage.

The unique system designed and delivered by Ekoenergetyka-Polska at Solaris Charging Park is a 600kW charging station with power connection to 3 separate tracks, which allows for the simultaneous charging of up to 3 vehicles.

The customer can choose from a very wide range of connectors: CCS Combo-2, OppCharge Schunk, Panto Up EC Engineering, Panto Up Schunk, Cable Reel CCS Combo-2, Stinger CCS Combo-2, as well as the HPC connector (liquid cooled) and trolleybus traction . Importantly, the power switching of this charger is controlled using a dedicated application, which is an element of the CSMS (Charging Station Management System) backend system provided by Ekoenergetyka Polska. Charging point statuses are sent to the Solaris Bus information kiosk on an ongoing basis.

Experts from Ekoenergetyka-Polska together with Solaris Bus & Coach started work on adapting the ISO 15118-2 protocol first edition in November 2021. Determining and developing changes under ISO-15118-2, which were implemented both on the side of Solaris electric buses and the Ekoenergetyka-Polska charging station, turned out to be of key importance.

Already in May this year, specialists from Ekoenergetyka-Polska successfully performed V2G tests on an EE mobile charger with a Solaris vehicle. From that moment it can be said that a “dedicated standard” for V2G was created, which will be used by Solaris Bus & Coach in the production and testing process of electric buses. This solution allows manufacturers such as SBC to use V2G before the market implementation of ISO 15118-20 (ed. 2).

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