Our goal is to provide our customers with a stable and reliable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

service charging stations, Service

Excellence at every step

Ekoenergetyka-Service is part of the Ekoenergetyka group. It consists of two teams – the Service and Implementation Office and the After-Sales Service Office. The first one focuses on servicing the charging stations during and after the warranty period. The second task is to build lasting business relationships with charging station operators and service partners.

The goal of Ekoenergetyka-Service is to create, maintain and develop a professional service network to provide charging station operators with the stability of their e-mobility infrastructure.

We implement our offer of maintenance services with our own resources and through a network of authorized service partners. Thanks to this, our customers can entrust our services with full supervision over the functioning of the infrastructure of their charging stations.

What we offer

As part of our wide range of maintenance services, we provide, among others:

Professional support of the multilingual reporting Center

Round-the-clock remote supervision of charging stations, allowing to prevent disruptions in the station’s operation and take remedial actions in advance

A qualified, experienced and competent team of Ekoenergetyka-Service service technicians

Response time to an accepted application up to 30 minutes

Time for the service team at the charging station to take action up to 4 hours from the receipt of the notification

Own equipment (hds lift and others)

Full logistics for the installation of infrastructure for charging stations for electric vehicles

European network of over 50 professional service partners

service charging stations, Service
service charging stations, Service

Service support levels


Implemented by Ekoenergetyka-Service through the 24/7 Technical Support Department and the Remote Monitoring System, Reaction time – up to 30 minutes. Remote intervention. Service Support Center.


Carried out by the local Ekoenergetyka-Service partner. Responsibility for diagnostics and locating the source of the fault, within a specified response time. On-site intervention by local EE-Service partner.


Performed by the EES service services in the event that the first two levels of support prove insufficient to remove the defect. On-site intervention by EE-Service.

Our team in action