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Ekoenergetyka announcing ePower as its exclusive Irish Partner

, Ekoenergetyka announcing ePower as its exclusive Irish Partner, Ekoenergetyka

Ekoenergetyka starts cooperating with Cork-based EV charging solutions experts, who are building Ireland’s EV Charging Network.

ePower also deals with electromobility market accessories and has a field of expertise in solar and wind energy.

Ekoenergetyka is gradually forming a network of partners, developing sales channels for products from the electric vehicles segment in new markets. In this aspect establishing the partnership by ePower and Ekoenergetyka is the strategy factor for strengthening Ekoenergetyka’s market position in the European area.

According to the agreement ePower will provide broad range of Ekoenergetyka’s EV chargers with capacities ranging from 30 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with an impressive power of up to 2200 kW to support the development of the Ireland’s EV charging network.

The fact of introducing our products into the Irish market makes us feel positive, knowing our chargers will significantly contribute to the dynamic development of the EV fast charging network in Ireland. With ePower we also share a similar attitude, such as quality, credibility and customer-oriented mindset – points out Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales.

Ekoenergetyka ­­­is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and manufacturing modern, user-friendly fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for 12 years. Polish manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative and reliable charging stations for electric cars with capacities ranging from 30 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with impressive capacities of up to 2200 kW.  So far, Ekoenergetyka has installed over 1400 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. At the same time, the company successfully provides implementation and support services as well as the monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.

ePower Managing Director, Hugh Hall, said: ePower are pleased to distribute Ekoenergetyka chargers nationwide together with our integrated charge point management system.   ePower look forward to partnering with Ekoenergetyka who are already very successful around Europe. 

ePower supply, install and manage EV Chargers nationwide in Ireland.