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Solidarity with Ukraine – Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

Solidarity with Ukraine, Ekoenergetyka

For over a week now, with big concern, we have been observing all the events related to Russia’s armed aggression in Ukraine.

We are not passive in this situation but are actively involved in actions supporting the Ukrainians.

The Ekoenergetyka Foundation immediately took actions aimed directly at employees, their families from Ukraine and other people in need of support.

Comprehensive care was provided and included:
✅ housing for the most needed affected by the war,
✅ free care in the EkoLucky nursery and kindergarten,
✅ legal assistance, psychological support and medical care.

We appreciate the great commitment and activity of our team in helping those in need.

We constantly monitor the situation, listen to the needs and declare regular help in this extremely difficult time.

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