The biggest electric bus project in Poland with chargers from Ekoenergetyka-Polska


Public transport operator MZK Zielona Góra chooses Ekoenergetyka-Polska as a supplier of the charging infrastructure for the biggest bus electrification project in Poland. 60% of the city’s bus fleet – 47 buses – will be electrified. The buses will be charged overnight in the depot and during the day on bus termini using charging stations from Ekoenergetyka. The 4mln € contract is the biggest project of its kind in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe.

The operator MZK Zielona Góra plans to deploy multi-output e-bus charging stations at eleven bus termini, with each charging station’s power between 400kW and 800kW. Buses will be able to use a total of twenty nine fully automatic, pantograph charging points across the city powered by those stations. Ultra-fast city chargers will be equipped with intelligent dynamic power management – each charging station will be capable of charging multiple buses at the same time using pantographs on the buses. At the same time, should the need arise, each charge point will be able to use the charging power usually allocated to the other charge points. Thus, the operator will be able to double or triple charging power sent to the bus and shorten its charging time by half.

Twenty eight dual output slow charging stations for night charging, also equipped with dynamic power management, will be deployed at a depot of the city operator. Each charge point will charge via Combo 2 plug and will be capable of delivering between 40kW and 80kW per bus. An additional pantograph fast charging station will be deployed in the depot for quick energy top-ups when necessary.

Director of MZK Zielona Góra Barbara Langner said: “60% of our buses will be changed for electric ones as part of the Project “Integrated Low Emission Public Transport System” in Zielona Góra. It is a unique project in Europe. Charging stations will be equipped with innovative elements that will have been used on such a scale for the first time. Ekoenergetyka is a leader of innovative e-bus fast charging solutions will projects all over the continent. We are happy that a company from Zielona Góra will deliver charging infrastructure for our new buses.”

Besides charging infrastructure Ekoenergetyka-Polska will also deliver a fleet and infrastructure monitoring system, which will enable the operator to manage his e-mobility assets and react to changing operating conditions in real time. Charging stations from Zielona Góra will follow international electric vehicle charging standards, and thus buses from different brands will be able to charge with them.

Ekoenergetyka’s CEO Bartosz Kubik said: “This was the biggest single public tender for e-bus charging stations in Europe and the first project, where a complete city-wide charging system will be deployed. Electric buses mean cleaner air and quieter city. We are pleased that we will be contributing to the process of deployment of those vehicles and their everyday operations in the home town of our company.”

Bartosz Kubik added: “Zielona Góra will be the first European city with city e-bus charging stations equipped with dynamic power management. With this project we are showing that our technologies – and Polish cities – are leaders of electric bus solutions in Europe.

Charging stations will be delivered next year and, apart from infrastructure, Ekoenergetyka-Polska shall deliver transformer stations and the installation of the devices.