Fast charger from Ekoenergetyka-Polska started its operations on the new electric bus line in Tampere


quickPOINT City Charger, capable of charging an electric bus with a power of 300kW started its operation at a bus terminus Pyynikintori in Tampere, Finland. The device, equipped with a pantograph, enables quick and automatic charging of e-buses during their 4-minutes stops at the end of their route.

The opportunity charger follows international direct current charging standards for electric vehicles 61851-23 and 61851-24 and is compatible with the majority of electric bus brands on the market in Europe. The device deployed in Tampere is to charge four electric buses Urbino 12 from Solaris. Ekoenergetyka-Polska equally delivered a charging mast connected to the charger, to which a pantograph system is attached. Built from stainless steel, with its form the mast matches the city architecture. Thanks to its LED lights it visually informs city inhabitants about the electric bus charging process. Apart from the quickPOINT City Charger Ekoenergetyka also delivered four quickPOINT Depot Chargers capable of delivering 20kW of power. Deployed in the bus depot of Tampere, the devices provide night-time charging for the electric buses operating in the city. Electric bus line is managed by Tampere’s public transport company TKL. It is the first project of this kind in the city and a third in Finland. 

CEO of Ekoenergetyka-Polska Bartosz Kubik said: “We are pleased that our chargers participate in the first e-bus project in Tampere. Our opportunity charger deployed at the end of the line provides quick energy top-ups during the daily operations of the bus, demonstrating that with the right charging infrastructure electric buses can work even in very cold climates.”

Bartosz Kubik added: “The trust shown to us by our Finish partners is very important for us and confirms the important position of our devices on the European e-bus market. It is our second e-bus charging infrastructure project in Finland and certainly not the last.”

Servicing of the chargers is provided by the new Finish partner of Ekoenergetyka-Polska, Tampereen Vera, company which manages traffic and city lights in Tampere.