Ekoenergetyka-Polska group company to produce e-bus opportunity chargers for Cracow


Tender for electric bus opportunity chargers for MPK Kraków – the city’s public transport operator – is part of the process to change the bus fleet in the city for one that is more eco-friendly and modern. Five pantograph charging stations at the end of bus lines produced by Energotronic-Polska, company that belongs to Ekoenergetyka-Polska Group, will be delivered in 2017.

The chargers with a charging power from 160kW to 250kW will be deployed on five bus line terminus. 160kW device on Pawia street will be suspended on a post and powered directly from tram traction. On Piaszczysta and Konopnicka street new generation devices from Ekoenergetyka – quickPOINT Column Chargers that integrate charger and charging post in one – will be deployed, delivering 200kW and 250kW of charging power respectively. Further two quickPOINT City Chargers will be deployed in the city delivering 250kW to Cracow’s city electric buses.

Automatic charging via pantograph that the chargers are equipped with will provide buses with quick energy top-ups during the day, lengthening their range and ensuring an operability that equals that of diesel buses. The devices will charge 20 electric buses from Solaris ordered by the city’s operator. Chargers for MPK Kraków work according to international DC charging protocols 61851-23 and 61851-24, and are compatible with majority of electric buses brands on the European market. They are connected to the external monitoring, supervision and diagnostic system which enables the operator to observe the charging process in real time. The system works according to the DIN communication standards.

The company that will deliver the chargers – Energotronic – belongs to the Ekoenergetyka-Polska group and is tasked with manufacturing and commercialisation of devices designed by Ekoenergetyka. CEO of Ekoenergetyka-Polska Bartosz Kubik said: “It is yet another project in which Ekoenergetyka’s chargers will be manufactured by Energotronic. It is part of our new strategy as a group: task division between its companies, where Ekoenergetyka-Polska is responsible for the development of solutions for electric buses and Energotronic for the production and deployment of the results of research. The specialisation within the group will allow us to be more effective in realising e-bus and EV infrastructure projects, which keep on growing in number and scale.”

Ekoenergetyka-Polska is currently in the process of realising a project to build a Research and Development Center for New Technologies in Electric Transport, co-financed by the Ministry of Development as part of the “Intelligent Development Programme”. The division of competences between Ekoenergetyka companies into research and development on one side and production and deployment on the other side is a consequence of Ekoenergetyka acquiring the status of development and research center, which is scheduled for this year.

Maciej Wojeńcki, CEO of Energotronic-Polska, said: “We are happy with every single tender for charging infrastructure announced, because it is a sign Polish cities are taking seriously the question of improving air quality and noise – and those are also the goals of our company. We are grateful for the trust granted us by MPK Kraków. It is a clear signal for us that our efforts to make transport cleaner are appreciated.” And he added: “We are very pleased that the first opportunity charging project of this scale in Poland was given to Energotronic, as it enables us to show and confirm our deployment capabilities.”

The charging infrastructure tender for Cracow was for a complete provision of city charging infrastructure, from design and production to its installation. The consortium of companies implementing the chargers is led by ZPUE S.A., partner of Energotronic in the project, which will design and develop the grid connection works and build transformer stations. “Competences of ZPUE in building transformer stations and their 30 years of experience in energy sector were for us key in choosing them as partner of the project” added Bartosz Kubik.