Ekoenergetyka-Polska continues to supply electric bus charging stations to new cities. Twenty stations will be sent to Craiova in Romania, and four – including a pantograph fast charging station – to Piła. The company from Zielona Góra has contracts signed with Solaris Bus&Coach.

Romania is one of the countries in the European Union that is facing serious problems with air pollution. The primary goal for the largest Romanian cities is to introduce a fleet of low-emission buses to public transportation system and to create a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Craiova, the sixth largest city in Romania, has decided to electrify its public transport.

Technological competence, experience and reliability in terms of supplies make us a reliable business partner, regardless of the order size and country of delivery. In order to meet diverse needs of our clients, Ekoenergetyka successfully implements innovative solutions to the market, including the world’s fastest charging station for electric buses. We are pleased to be working on another contract signed with Solaris, one of the largest producers of electric buses – says Maciej Wojeński, President of the Management Board of Ekoenergetyka – Sales, which is responsible for selling the charging stations on the domestic and European market.

Craiova has ordered 16 depot charging stations with 40 kW output power, as well as four fast charging stations with an inverted pantograph with 300 kW output power. One of them will be placed at the bus depot, and another three – at two bus terminus within the city, in order to allow to quickly recharge the batteries of the buses throughout the day. Overnight, the buses will be charged at the depot via 16 plug-in stations. Solaris is expected to supply to Craiova 16 articulated buses of the Urbino 18 electric model.

5 vehicles of the Urbino 12 electric model will be sent to Piła, where Solaris has won a tender for the supply of buses along with their charging infrastructure. Ekoenergetyka is responsible for the delivery of the stations ordered by the MZK Piła – public transport operator: three depot charging stations with an output power of 120 kW, which enable simultaneous charging of two buses (each with 60 kW output power), and a pantograph fast charging station with 400 kW output power and an additional video monitoring system.

The total value of the order exceeds PLN 6 million.