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Poland’s first energy storage for a bus depot – EKO BESS from Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

energy storage for bus, Ekoenergetyka

The huge potential for the use of energy storage as infrastructure accompanying electric vehicle charging stations is already obvious today. The dynamic development of fast charging infrastructure and the resulting rapid increase in demand for power and energy is becoming another problem for the electric power industry after RES.

Energy storage has a direct impact on increasing energy security. Own energy storage provides an unquestionable guarantee, protection and independence in case of failure of the public distribution network. An unquestionable benefit, for ecological reasons, is the maximization of the consumption of green energy produced with photovoltaic panels, which consequently also translates into the economic aspect, as it means a reduction in the purchase of expensive electricity.

Ekoenergetyka is responding to the demand in this regard and is implementing another product in the area of sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The latest realization, the EKO BATTERY ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM, referred to as EKO BESS for short, is the first stationary battery energy storage facility in Poland designed to operate at the MPK Łomża bus depot. We are pleased that we were able to develop and deliver a system that will allow MPK Łomża to further develop the sustainable transportation solutions implemented by the company.

What technology was used? and what are the benefits of using Ekoenergetyka-Polska’s energy storage?

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