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Green transformation in the city of Zielona Góra

bus charging stations in zielona gora, Ekoenergetyka

We are proud to be part of the green transformation in the city of Zielona Góra in Poland. Another important milestone has been made today.

Today CEO and co-owner of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. Bartosz Kubik and Petros Spinaris – Vice President of the Management Board, responsible for Sales and Marketing, signed an agreement with President Janusz Kubicki to increase power on the bus loops and the construction of a new station at the depot.

Zielona Góra is one of the leading cities with a zero-emission bus park and second in Poland in terms of the percentage of electricians in the fleet (48.3%).

The development plans are ambitious and hence the need to increase power at charging stations in the city.

“It is an honor for us that we can execute the order for Zielona Góra, because this is where our adventure began”

– said Bartosz Kubik, CEO of Ekoenergetyka at the briefing.

Today’s agreement is proof of the consistent continuation of the infrastructure development strategy and another milestone. More and more electric buses will be on our roads, so it is crucial to provide more power.

The contract value is 2 357 000 PLN (approx. 500 000 euro)

The power of DC stations will increase from the current 200 kW to 400 kW. At the new depot there will be two two-outlet stations for slow charging of electric buses with direct current with a power of 120 kW.

The contract also includes a mobile single-output DC charging station with 20 kW. Importantly, a system for the management and monitoring of stations and charging points will be provided, as well as the implementation of power connections and installation sites for the three existing mobile charging stations.