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Ekoenergetyka in ChargeUp Europe State of industry report

chargeup report, Ekoenergetyka

By 2050, the majority of vehicles on our roads will need to produce zero emissions. This requirement is driven by the Climate Law, the growing demand from European cities, and the preparations made by manufacturers. Recent legislation is paving the way for this transition. When it comes to cars and vans, we have a clear timeline: by 2035, all new vehicles in these categories must be zero-emission. European car manufacturers are embracing electrification as their primary approach to meet these targets. The shift towards a zero-emission future is also taking place for trucks and buses, with a proposal for revised emission standards currently under consideration. Electrification will play a significant role in this transition, particularly for shorter-distance trucks and city buses.

“However, to make the transition to zero-emission mobility a reality, it has to be supported by the right infrastructure. Every driver in Europe should have the certainty that they can travel in confidence throughout the continent. It’s why the recent agreement on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation is crucial. Charging infrastructure is the backbone that will make e-mobility part of everyone’s daily life and the mandatory deployment targets for electric recharging and hydrogen refueling will ensure the infrastructure is there, ready for you when you need it, where you need it.”

– said Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President, European Commission in ChargeUp Europe Report.

The Charge Up Europe report – an organization associating manufacturers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe together with P3 Automotive, once again provides us with the latest information on the development of the industry. The fresh report on the state of the e-mobility industry 2023 is now available, including statistics of the current state of the industry in Europe, as well as development trends in the next decade. The report also includes a case study of Ekoenergetyka.

“2023 has brought many emobility successes to celebrate, and as the EV charging industry will know well: This is just the beginning!”

– says Frans Timmermans Executive Vice President, European Commission.

As a leading member of Charge Up Europe, we are proud to present our contribution to the report. For years, Ekoenergetyka has been focusing on designing innovative solutions that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport sector. The case study presented in the report describes one of our original projects – the improvement of the bus depot in Munich. We delivered a fast charging system consisting of 56 liquid-cooled stations with a total capacity of 8.5 MW. The waste heat generated by the chargers will be used e.g. to heat the depot building.

The new Charge Up Europe report is an extremely valuable source of information, based on reliable data and in-depth analysis. You can download the entire report here:

If you are interested in discussing this report and the data presented in it, join our upcoming Smartobility Talks webinar, where we will be discussing these topics and more!

During the webinar, Ingo Rees, Ekoenergetyka Business Development and Public Affairs Director, will be speaking with Lucie Mattera, the Secretary General of ChargeUp Europe and Aaron Fishbone, Director of Public Policy at GreenWay and ChargeUp Europe Communications Chair, about state of e-mobility industry in Europe.

We will be exploring topics such as

  • How can we bridge the gap between Western and Central-Eastern Europe in terms of electric mobility development?
  • How does ChargeUp Europe perceive the development of charging infrastructure in Europe?
  • What are the main challenges currently faced in building electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe?
  • How can we simplify the authorization and usage process for electric vehicle users across various Charging Point Operators (CPOs)?
  • The two main bottlenecks for the fast deployment of charging infrastructure are land availability and grid connection. How can we solve it?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the current state and future of electrification in Europe. Sign up now to join the conversation and get your questions answered by our panel of experts!

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chargeup report, Ekoenergetyka

State of the e-mobility industry in Europe: ChargeUp Europe Report (