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Ekoenergetyka becomes Official Charging Partner for electric STCC

Ekoenergetyka STCC, Ekoenergetyka

Scandinavian Touring Car Championship is a touring car racing series based in Scandinavia. STCC 2023 is a breakthrough season in the history of racing. It is the world’s first national championship based on electric vehicles, of which we are the main partner. 

As part of the cooperation, during each race Ekoenergetyka will provide STCC charging stations with a power of 60 to 80 kW, as well as individual mobile chargers with a power of 30 kW. Ekoenergetyka’s products have been selected not only for their reliability and innovation, which are particularly important in difficult conditions, but also for remote access, diagnostics and updating of devices.

“The electrification of motorsports is the next step in giving credence to the changes taking place and providing new opportunities to create entertainment, competition, and strong emotions. We have decided to support the STCC, not only for the fact that it is the world’s first national championship based on electric vehicles, but also because the series creator’s commitment to zero-emission throughout the competition. Clean energy from PV farms, excellent energy storage and our chargers that complement the idea of clean competition. We hope that our cooperation and the success of STCC will inspire other series in Europe and around the world”

– emphasizes Marcin Obara, Director of Marketing&PR Office of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.


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