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Ekoenergetyka a strategic partner of the 4th Edition G2 Forum – A time of great decisions

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The 4th edition of the G2 Forum is behind us – the time of great decisions.

As a strategic partner of Forum G2, one of the most important geopolitical events in Poland, we had the pleasure to organize a discussion panel “Prospects for the development of the European eTruck market, what will change in 2040?” with key experts in the industry. The panel was attended by representatives of: Raben Group, Scania Polska S.A. and the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The moderator of the panel was Krzysztof Burda, President of PIRE.

“During the G2 Forum, we discussed topics related to the transformation towards zero-emission heavy transport. For the whole of Europe, including Poland, which is a leader in the freight transport sector, handling about 30% of international transport, this great change will be a big challenge. We, on the other hand, see our opportunity in this, which is why we are actively involved in discussions on creating future technologies that will drive electric trucks.”

– says Maciej Wojeński, Co-Founder and Member of the Supervisory Board of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

The transport industry is one of the most important branches of the Polish economy, in 2021 it generated as much as 6% of GDP. Changes in this sector are dynamic, while in Poland as many as 98% of trucks are equipped with diesel engines. This puts us at an unfavorable position in relation to other European Union countries. The lack of appropriate infrastructure and support programs for the purchase of zero-emission vehicles may threaten the future of the Polish transport industry. There are visible changes in the structure of investments. The proportion is clearly changing in favor of electromobility. However, are these measures sufficient to avoid the technological gap?

How does Maciej Wojeński, vice president and co-founder of Ekoenergetyka, see the e-truck market after 2040?