Infrastructure monitoring 24/7

To safeguard your operations at all times we offer you our 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure. Our system can gather data from your chargers in real time and you can observe all your charging processes as they happen. 

Monitoring System functionalities


Information about all charging processes on the monitored charging station (possibility to export history of events)

Charging process visualization (diagrams: power, current, voltage, consumed power, bus ID, SOC)

Email notifications about charge stations status changes – online/offline, new statuses, warnings, errors

Restricted access to the system features –accounts for operators with defined permissions

Multi-language interface (English, German, Polish, and other languages upon request)

Continuous monitoring of the charging stations statuses

Exporting of information stored in the system – csv format

Sound alarms for operators
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OCPP for charger management

Our devices use OCPP, standardised communication protocol promoted by Open Charge Alliance, for communication between the charger and the back office. It means our chargers can easily be integrated into any OCPP-compatible network and they offer you all the funtionalities of this communication protocol. 

Data protection

We live in the era of data wars. Even such mundane details as charging frequency can be a subject of cyber attack. That is why we make sustained efforts to secure the connections and data flows. We look after your data like we do for our own.



Taking responsibility 

As transport provider, you shouldn’t worry about infrastructure at all – just like you do not worry about fuel. As a company, we take responsibility for your success in smooth running of your charging infrastructure, the base for reliable e-bus service for your customers. When you become our client, we make a pledge with you that we will always strive to find the best solution for your fleet and for your operations, and that anything you purchase from us will be top quality, diligently deployed and serviced.