Research work inspired by the constant need to improve our products

Country’s largest research and development experience in the electromobility industry

4 Research and Development Centers

Construction of its own technological line, a new hall and a Center for Strategic Innovative Solutions for the Development of Electromobility

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Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A., apart from its production activities, conducts research and development activities in the area of innovative solutions and new technologies in low-emission transport.

This activity is focused on transport using electric drives. Although the main field of activity is still work related to the charging infrastructure for electric battery vehicles, in 2020, conceptual work was also started in the area of hydrogen refueling systems with innovative hybrid distributors.

The task of R&D is also to conduct its own research to assess the compliance of products introduced to the market as well as research aimed at creating product innovations.

It is connected with the necessity of continuous development of highly qualified staff as well as acquiring and developing infrastructure to conduct research in the field of electronics, power electronics and materials engineering. In recent years, the Company’s human resources have been supplemented by employees with experience in conducting research and development work gained at universities and research and development centers.

The Company’s research facilities, apart from the construction and expansion of new research and development centers, are also supplemented with highly specialized measuring and research equipment, which enables or will enable research (for own needs and external entities) to be carried out in the area of the impact of electrical and power electronic devices on the external environment and the impact of external environment on these devices.

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