Opportunity Charging

Ultra-fast charging at bus terminus – Tampere

quickPOINT City Charger by
Ekoenergetyka operates at a bus
terminus Pyynikintori in Tampere,
Finland. The device, equipped with a
pantograph contact hood attached to a
charging pole of our own design,
enables quick and automatic charging
of e-buses during their 4-minutes stops
at the end of their route. The charger
charges electric buses from Solaris
Bus & Coach running in Tampere.
However, since it is compatible with
international charging standards, it can
also provide charging to other electric
bus brands. Servicing of this charger such
has of the others installed in the depot is
provided by the new Finish partner of
Ekoenergetyka-Polska, Tampereen
Vera, company which manages traffic
and city lights in Tampere.


TKL/ Solaris Bus & Coach


Tampere, Finland