Electric buses in Barcelona charged in 5min with a 400kW charger from Ekoenergetyka-Polska


quickPOINT City Charger inaugurated in Barcelona on Wednesday, is the first high power e-bus device deployed in Spain. The 400kW opportunity charger is meant for charging at the end of the bus line and enables quick top-ups of the vehicle during its short stops. Thanks to regular, 5-8min high power top-ups during the day, the battery of the bus never drops below 40% of its capacity and the bus disposes of a limitless range.

The device was deployed by the Spanish utility company Endesa and it will provide charging for two 18m buses Solaris Urbino electric, which join the bus fleet of the Barcelona’s public transport operator TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona). The buses are equipped with a pantograph, which connects with the charger during the stop and enables a fully automatised charging. Additionally, the vehicles were equipped with sockets for overnight charging using a plug-in charger in the depot.

CEO of Ekoenergetyka Bartosz Kubik said: “Barcelona is one of the most advanced European cities when it comes to electric vehicles. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the realisation of its clean transport strategy by providing the high power e-bus charger in Spain.”

quickPOINT City Charger charges buses according to the European electric vehicles standard CCS, meaning it can charge other brands of buses that are compatible with the standard can be powered with the device. Additionally, thanks to its using of OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) for communication between the charger and the external server, Endesa and TMB can monitor the charger in real time, observing which bus is charging when, what is its state of charge and what is the status of the charger.

“cityCHARGER enables fully automatised charging of an electric bus in only a few minutes, while the driver is enjoying a coffee pause. With that is shows that e-buses do not require any special treatment and can serve the same bus routes as diesel buses” added Bartosz Kubik.

Both the charger and the buses have now entered a period of tests on route H16 in Barcelona. TMB plans to enter them into full operation at the beginning of November this year. The devices have been purchased and are part of EU-funded project ZeEUS, as part of which 10 cities in Europe are testing electric and hybrid buses and their charging systems.