Ekoenergetyka receives New Impulses 2017 Award by WNP Magazine


The most active companies and the most interesting projects of the Polish energy industry were awared the New Impulse 2017 title during the XIV Congress of New Industry in Warsaw. The New Impulses Award recognises Ekoenergetyka’s contribution to the expansion of electromobility and electric vehicles charging infrastructure. 

The winning companies were chosen by journalists of the internet portal and New Industry Magazine following extensive discussions with industry experts. The discussions were also a base of a raport presenting new trends and development perspectives of Polish energy businesses.

Maciej Wojeński, Deputy CEO of Ekoenergetyka, said: “The award is a recognition of the effort we put towards the development and promotion of electric mobility. Electric bus market is finally leaving the start-up phase. We are entering a period of big projects and real business. Nevertheless, we are fully aware of the challenges that are in front of us. Electric mobility market is a great responsibility. That is why we are putting enormous emphasis on developing technologies that are optimised, autonomous and will always charge the buses on time.”