Ekoenergetyka-Polska with another order for Qbuzz

We continue our cooperation with the Dutch public transport operator. We have signed a contract with Qbuzz. This time we will take care of the depot and city infrastructure in Utrecht.

As ordered, we will supply Qbuzz with six multi-output charging stations of 300 kW each. A single Core Charger F 300 will be able to power up to 6 buses simultaneously. Charging will be done by a pantograph “contact dome”, which will be installed on the gantry. A total of 6 charging stations, 6 gantries and 36 contact domes will be installed at the depot.

Importantly, the operator will be able to manage the power of the individual outputs. Each charging station can operate in 6×50 kW mode or (if necessary) can redirect all power to one output up to 300 kW. It will be possible to regulate the power on all outputs continuously. All this will be based on messages compatible with OCPP 1.6-J.

We will also supply electric bus charging stations to the city. These will be four central Core Charger F stations with 450 kW each. Charging, as in the case of depots, will be done by pantograph “contact domes”, installed on masts.

This is not the first contract with a Dutch operator. We recently delivered a special 1.2 MW Mega Charger X 1200 mobile container megastation for Qbuzz with twenty Point Zero dispensers with a CCS Combo 2 plug. The entire infrastructure can be dismantled and moved to another location. However, it is currently located in the bus depot in Zeist. You can read more about it HERE.

We adapt our devices to the needs of our customers, so we enjoy their trust. Ekoenergetyka-Polska focuses primarily on the comfort and safety of electric vehicle users. Our experience and knowledge enable us to create optimal solutions.