Ekoenergetyka-Polska delivers 25 charging stations to Warsaw

We installed 25 electric bus charging stations of 60 kW each in the Warsaw Ostrobramska depot. This is another part of the contract, which we realize for MZA Warsaw. We will prepare for the capital city infrastructure consisting of 65 charging stations of 60 kW power and three pantograph stations.

We have prepared the infrastructure for charging electric buses in the Ostrobramska depot. We have installed there 25 double-output Plug Charger FX 60 charging stations. Each of them has 60 kW of power. All of them are equipped with CCS Combo 2 connector. Optimal arrangement of chargers on the depot allows drivers to freely drive up and connect buses for charging. The charging stations are waiting for the UDT test.

Ostrobramska is the second Warsaw depot where we have installed charging stations.Last month, 15 Plug Charger F 60 chargers (including dispensers) went to the Woronicza depot. In the nearest future, we will create an infrastructure for charging buses at the Stalowa depot. What is more, the contract also provides for the installation of three 400 kW pantograph stations.

The infrastructure ordered by MZA Warszawa is part of the project, which assumes the purchase of 130 electric buses. By the end of 2020, 160 such vehicles will appear in the capital city. Ekoenergetyka-Polska supports the development of zero-emission transport, which will contribute to the improvement of air quality in this city.