Ekoenergetyka starts cooperating with Wakefield-based sustainability consultants, EV3 Power, for its development of an UK-wide sales network.


Entering the British market is an important stage in the development of our network in Europe. Ekoenergetyka’s product portfolio will certainly be of interest to customers who already use or plan to use electric vehicles. As many as 70% of Britons are interested in changing a combustion engine vehicle to an EV – points out Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales.

The partnership will see Ekoenergetyka’s charging stations to be offered on the British market by EV3 Power, adding an impressive range of charging devices to their sustainability product menu.  

EV3 Power is the UK’s only nationwide EV charger installer and sustainability consultants to many types of businesses from civil engineers, developers, transport and logistics firms to education and local authorities.


Their sustainability menu provides the most cutting-edge technology to help clients meet their environmental targets. Primarily aimed at tier one contractors and construction companies working on large scale infrastructure projects, it includes solar panels, batteries, off-grid site solutions, as well as domestic and commercial EV chargers.


EV3’s Managing Director, Pete Bevils, said: “We are delighted to bring Ekoenergetyka and their truly innovative technology to the UK. They are a well-respected brand across Europe and one that is recognised for the quality of both their products and service. We see there a significant opportunity in the electric vehicle market and their charging hubs offer something completely different to what we have currently in the UK.”


Ekoenergetyka manufactures one of the broadest ranges of electric vehicle chargers in the world, specialising in high power 2200kw charging hubs for electric vehicles as well as large commercial and municipal electric vehicles, such as lorries, buses and waste collection vehicles.

The extensive experience of Ekoenergetyka is based on charging solutions installed in 131 locations, mostly across Europe, including Helsinki, Barcelona, Hannover, as well as multiple locations across France, Germany and Poland.  The portfolio also includes 30kw domestic charges and 100kw pay as you go charges, as well as super-fast 350kw chargers that can add 100 km of range to a car battery in under 4 minutes.



Ekoenergetyka has signed another distribution agreement on the European market. The Swiss company has become a partner of the Polish leader in electromobility. Ekoenergetyka strengthens its market position and develops sales network for products in the electric car segment. By 2023, the partner network will cover all of Europe.

We are pleased to establish cooperation with and enter the Swiss market, where eRevolution is gaining momentum and the demand for charging infrastructure is growing. I am convinced that our reliable charging stations are an interesting proposition for both, business and individual users – says Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales, the company responsible for sale of EV charging stations on the domestic and European market.

Ekoenergetyka is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and manufacturing modern, user-friendly fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for 12 years. The Polish manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative and reliable charging stations for electric cars with capacities ranging from 20 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with impressive capacities of up to 2200 kW. So far, Ekoenergetyka has installed over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. At the same time, the company successfully provides implementation and support services as well as the monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.

With the charging stations manufactured by Ekoenergetyka we have found an ideal addition to our product portfolio. We are therefore pleased to introduce the Ekoenergetyka products to the Swiss market. We see strengths of the Ekoenergetyka charging stations in the areas of fleet charging for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as in the area of public fast charging and public transport projects – says Albert Lehmann, CEO of

With over 28’000 registered EV drivers and over 1’100 public charging stations, is one of the largest and fastest growing e-mobility networks in Switzerland. Founded in 2014, offers future-proof solutions for an electrified Switzerland. The company’s infrastructure products, payment and access systems enable the intelligent and seamless operation of charging stations at public locations, in apartment buildings and at company sites.



Only 7 minutes for Heavy Duty EV (HDEV) and 1 minute for Light Duty EV (LDEV)! This is the time that it takes to charge a vehicle to drive 100 km in the innovative charging station that is being developed by Ekoenergetyka – Polska.  In response to the needs of the future market of long-range electric vehicles, Ekoenergetyka is working on a series of charging stations with a capacity ranging from 750 to 1500 kW. The company plans to implement ultrafast chargers with partners in Germany and Poland in pilot projects for passenger and heavy electric vehicles.

­­­­­NeU, the most recent project by Ekoenergetyka, will revolutionise the e-mobility market. The company is developing high power charging infrastructure for HDEVs and LDEVs. The time of charging a vehicle from the station with the initial capacity of 750 kW that is being developed in the R&D centre of Ekoenergetyka will take only 1 minute or 7 minutes, respectively for the assumed power consumption of 20 kWh/100 km and 90 kWh/100 km. This means that LDEVs will only require 4 minutes of charging to drive 400 kilometres. For HDEVs, this will take less than half an hour, i.e. the duration of the obligatory break for drivers.

Ekoenergetyka is a company that combines innovation with reliability and the highest standards of realisation with flexible design and implementation. We have been investing equally in R&D and production quality improvement for many years. In our R&D centres, we create and improve technologies and products that allow us to dynamically develop electromobility at its best, in all market segments, regardless of the location, Dagmara Duda, the President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A emphasised. – Our strong market position results from many years of activity on the international market based on our own technology and of the dynamic development of the whole Ekoenergetyka Group, which allows us to control and further improve the whole value chain, President Duda added.

The new solution will be implemented in Germany and Poland first. By the end of 2023 the company together with its partners will launch test installations, which will be located in the vicinity of expressways and in several urban agglomerations, with the aim to serve, among others, utility vehicles and municipal services. As a result, Ekoenergetyka will contribute to accelerating the eRevolution in Polish cities, in the same way as it is doing in public transportation.

Engineers employed by the company at its Centre for New Technologies in Electric Transport are working on new technologies related to power electronics, mechanical structures, and equipment optimisation.  The new project uses their wide experience in designing and implementing infrastructure for European e-mobility leaders and the unique know-how that was also used during the launch of the first charging hub in Europe, i.e. the Ekoen multi-station fast charging hub.  The hub, which has been operating for over a year thanks to solutions used by Ekoenergetyka, is open 24/7 and enables fast EV charging without the need for authentication. 


Ekoenergetyka-Polska is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and producing fast charging stations for electric vehicles for 12 years. Thanks to its R&D centres and highly qualified research staff (more than 50% of employees are engineers and designers), the company sets new trends on the e-mobility market. Its portfolio of products includes reliable, innovative bus chargers of the capacity up to 600 kW, passenger car charging stations of the capacity up to 350 kW, and charging hubs of an impressive capacity reaching even up to 2200 kW.  So far, the company has launched over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. It provides global implementation and maintenance services as well as monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.



Reliable charging stations for electric cars from a Polish manufacturer are now available from GreenInfra, an Austrian company that offers state-of-the-art solutions for emobility.

The signing of the agreement with GreenInfra is yet another step by Ekoenergetyka to strengthen its market position. The Polish company is dynamically building a network of partners, developing sales channels for products in the electric car segment on new markets.

Ekoenergetyka is emobility at its best. Our charging stations and hubs meet the needs of all EV users in the car and van segment. I am pleased with the cooperation with GreenInfra, which focuses on the best solutions. It is an excellent partner who, just like us, focuses on the quality and reliability of products and services – says Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales.

Ekoenergetyka ­­­is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and manufacturing modern, user-friendly fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for 12 years. Polish manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative and reliable charging stations for electric cars with capacities ranging from 20 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with impressive capacities of up to 2200 kW.  So far, Ekoenergetyka has installed over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. At the same time, the company successfully provides implementation and support services as well as the monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.

We are very pleased to welcome another manufacturer of charging stations to our portfolio. With the innovative DC charging solutions from Ekoenergetyka, we are adding another component to our range of products that allows us to tailor charging solutions even more individually to our customers. We see enormous potential in DC wallboxes, ad-hoc payments via terminal and also in charging hubs and are pleased to offer high-quality solutions together with Ekoenergetyka. – says Manuel Monschein, CEO, GreenInfra GmbH.

GreenInfra is your partner for innovations in the infrastructure sector, be it mobility, smart city or smart home. While the predecessor company ecotech e.U. has been working on and with charging stations since 2009, GreenInfra GmbH was founded in 2016 to position the company more broadly. The e-mobility and charging division was supplemented by the infrastructure and smart home divisions. After the transition phase, ecotech e.U. and GreenInfra GmbH officially merged in 2020. With its e-mobility and charging division GreenInfra is supplying various energy suppliers in Europe and a great number of SMEs and private customers.



The Polish electromobility leader is dynamically building a partnership network in the passenger car segment in Europe. It plans to sign agreements with partners in at least 10 countries this year. By 2023, the network will cover all Europe.

­­­­­­­­­Ekoenergetyka is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and manufacturing modern, user-friendly fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for 12 years. So far, it has installed over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. Their accessibility is as high as 99%. At the same time, the company successfully provides implementation and support services as well as the monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.

Based on its wide experience and success in the implementation and management of charging infrastructure throughout Europe, the Polish manufacturer has dynamically developed a rich portfolio of products and solutions for the passenger car segment. It includes innovative charging stations of the capacity ranging from 20 to 350 kW and charging hubs of the capacity from 720 even up to 2200 kW.

As an experienced technological company, Ekoenergetyka offers the highest quality of necessary products and solutions. We set the trends, and our know-how and unique resources allow us to respond dynamically to the needs of the market and of individual clients. Foreign expansion in the EV segment is a natural stage in the development of the company, which has been developing its operations on foreign markets since it was founded, says Maciej Wojeński, President of the Board of Ekoenergetyka Sales that is responsible for the sales of charging stations on the Polish and European markets.

By 2023, the partnership network of Ekoenergetyka will cover all European countries.  First of all, the Polish electromobility leader is planning to build and develop partnerships in Western and Southern Europe, and then in the CEE region. The leader focuses on cooperation both with partners and stakeholders from the e-mobility sector, and with EV users. The first agreements between Ekoenergetyka and its distributors will be signed in a few days.



Ekoenergetyka-Polska proved once more that it is the technological leader.  The Polish company offered a unique possibility of co-operation between a charging station and two parallelly operating CSMS OCPP systems. The solution was implemented for one of the largest public transport companies in Germany – VHH.

Innovation and reliability

Ekoenergetyka-Polska is realising a mega-contract for Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein. The contract involves the delivery of charging stations of the total capacity of 4.8 MW: 4 megachargers of a capacity of 1.2 kW each and 32 satellites, together with a data monitoring system. The chargers are managed by a system provided by Stromnetz Hamburg. Cutting-edge charging stations made by Ekoenergetyka enable to connect them to a parallelly operating CSMS OCPP system. This is a unique solution on a global scale. The implementation has already been tested and the test results have confirmed that it meets international standards and is reliable.

 As an experienced technological company, we realise the most demanding and complex projects, setting the trends in the development of electromobility. The breakthrough implementation for VHH Hamburg confirms the unique competences of our company. It is also a proof that our products offer great flexibility in the configuration and development of the charging infrastructure, which means benefits for both operators and public transport users, Maciej Wojeński, Vice-President of the Board of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. pointed out.

Preparing vehicles for various weather conditions

Ekoenergetyka – Polska, together with the VHH and the Stromnetz Company, launched the VAS – VDV261 protocol. Zielona Góra – based Polish company is one of few global infrastructure manufacturers who managed to implement it successfully. The innovative solution optimizes and improves fleet management. It offers the possibility to prepare the vehicles, i.e. to heat them or cool them, before leaving the depot. The departure time is synchronised with the timetable within the Stromnetz management system.

Ekoenergetyka knows how

For the VHH, Ekoenergetyka integrated the charging stations with a central management system that has the capacity to direct the full power to one specific outlet, even if two buses are being charged at the same time. This stops the charging process on the second outlet. The process may be resumed at any time without the need to disconnect the bus and then reconnect it. The whole system is controlled by an algorithm in the Stromnetz system.

Not just Hamburg

VHH Hamburg is not the only German customer of the electromobility leader from Zielona Góra. Ekoenergetyka has won the trust of several leading operators, including the largest public transport company in the region – BVG Berlin.  Ekoenergetyka designed, produced and delivered 89 charging stations of a total capacity as high as 13350 kW. Another customer is the MVG in Munich, for which Polish company manufactures 56 charging stations of the capacity of 150 kW each. In Aachen, 17 such chargers are already in place, and 10 more will be launched in the middle of this year.


Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. has received another prestigious award – the WNP Award. This award was granted to 10 companies and institutions from all corners of Poland that had a significant, ground-breaking influence on positive economic transformations, setting development trends for others and reflecting the major trends in the economy in their activity.

WNP Awards are granted by the editorial tem of the WNP.PL portal and the Business Magazine “Nowy Przemysł” to those companies that achieve impressive success in business. They are a continuation of over twenty years’ tradition of rewarding companies and institutions whose activities, passion, and ideas create new paths for the development of Polish economy.

– This award confirms our status as the leader of electromobility, our strong market position and our potential for further expansion. Ekoenergetyka has become the leader thanks to the vision of company founders: Bartosz Kubik and Maciej Wojeński, which we have pursued for more than a decade, and thanks to the efforts of our whole team. Electromobility is our passion, which allows us to set new trends and continue to obtain new contracts, says Dagmara Duda, the President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

This year, the award was granted to 10 firms and institutions that managed to thrive in the pandemic reality and often had a major, ground-breaking positive influence on economic transformations. Apart from Ekoenergetyka-Polska, this year’s laureates are: Corab, Atende, Apator, Allegro, Polski Fundusz Rozwoju, InPost, ICEYE, Ferro, and Pekabex.

WNP Award is another award that confirms the position and achievements of Ekoenergetyka-Polska. In the last two months, the company was also awarded the title of “Business Gazelle” and, one more time, the “Diamond” by Forbes. Ekoenergetyka was second in the “Gazelles” ranking, which, according to Coface, is the oldest independent ranking of small and medium enterprises in Poland that has been organised for 20 years by the “Puls Biznesu” magazine. This means that it is the second most dynamically developing company in Poland. In the ranking published by Forbes, also based on independent assessment (Bisnode), Ekoenergetyka was the most quickly developing company from the Lubusz Province and the national leader among the companies from the region with revenues from PLN 50 to 250 million.



Ekoenergetyka – Polska has realised another order for Forum Virium Helsinki Oy and the City of Helsinki. Two cabinet-type stations with CCS connectors have been launched in the Finnish Capital and integrated with previously installed pantograph chargers.

‘Our reliable charging stations prove well in various locations, even in extreme weather conditions. They are already in operation in more than 130 cities around the world, in configurations best for our customers, including charging hubs. With yet another project in Scandinavia the confidence of electromobility leaders to Ekoenergetyka has been confirmed’, says Dagmara Duda, President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A

One of the cabinets was installed at Hakaniemenranta Street. A power cabinet with CCS Combo 2 connector has been added to the existing 300kW Schunk single-output charger. Vehicles can be charged here with a maximum power of up to 300 kW. After opening the cabinet door and leading the extended cable through a special bushing, the cable is secured and the car can be quickly recharged. Another cabinet, installed at Vuosaari Street, was also added as an extension to a single-output charger. This model has a CCS connector as a standard. The charging power available is up to 150 kW.

It’s not the first time that Ekoenergetyka carries out projects in Helsinki. It has put into operation three fast-charging stations with a capacity of 300 kW and a unique „underground” charger with a capacity of 700 kW.The device was installed underground and connected to above-ground charging masts. In addition to the chargers, the Polish electromobility leader also provides a 24-hour monitoring and remote management service.

There are also Ekoenergetyka’s fast-charging stations already in operation in three other Finnish cities: Tampere, Nastola, and Espoo.


Ekoenergetyka-Polska is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle charging infrastructure operating in the electromobility market for over 10 years. So far the company has put in operation over 1000 charging stations in 131 cities in 16 countries. Reliable infrastructure from the Polish manufacturer charges electric vehicles in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, and Singapore.



Ekoenergetyka-Polska, the Polish leader in the field of electromobility, has commissioned in Aachen 17 charging stations along with power infrastructure. Each has a power of 75 kW. Another 10 stations are scheduled to be launched mid-2021.

High quality and reliability are the hallmark of our products, manufactured in accordance with our client’s expectations. What is more, we also provide monitoring and remote management services, and our customer service is regarded as one of the best in Europe. Another project implemented on the – quite demanding – German market confirms the strong position of our company on the international market and the trust placed in us by our partners – comments Maciej Wojeński – Vice President of the Management Board of Ekoenergetyka – Polska.

In the westernmost German city, the fast charging stations by Ekoenergetyka were installed and commissioned in an indoor bus depot. The project also included the installation of a power infrastructure. The client – ASEAG Aachen – has been the largest provider of mobility services in the region for over 130 years. The daily number of passengers reaches 220 thousand people on all 68 lines. The contract provides for the possibility to order additional charging stations. ASEAG has already taken advantage of this option. In mid-2021, Ekoenergetyka is to deliver another 10 stations with a capacity of 75 kW each.

Aachen is a city that combines tradition with development. Its vision and goal is to transition to zero-emission public transport through collaboration-based approach. The city has a separate Department for Mobility, which has been successfully implementing projects aimed at improving the quality of life of its inhabitants for years.



Ekoenergetyka-Polska is a leader among the manufacturers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The company has been operating on the electromobility market for 11 years and has delivered over 1,000 fast charging stations to over 130 cities in 16 countries. The reliable charging infrastructure of the Polish manufacturer is already available in such countries as Germany, Norway, France, Spain, Finland, Russia, Singapore and Poland.






Ekoenergetyka-Polska has once again been awarded the Forbes Diamonds distinction. The company is the fastest-growing and highest-ranked enterprise in the Lubuskie Province with revenues from PLN 50 to 250 million.

The thirteenth edition of the Forbes Diamonds ranking of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland was prepared by Bisnode and included businesses that have increased their value the fastest in the last three years and have either submitted their financial statement to the National Court Register or sent it to Bisnode. Forbes Diamonds were granted to the businesses that have recorded a positive financial result and a cooperation risk factor higher than 4 (according to the Bisnode rating).

The remarkable success and dynamic development of the company in the recent years are the result of the strategic vision and determination of its founders – Bartosz Kubik and Maciej Wojeński. As a leader in our field, we offer the best solutions and products on the market, while continuing to focus on development, which is possible thanks to our know-how and unrivalled experience gained over the years. I am convinced that the coming year will bring us further development and new contracts, in particular on international markets – says Dagmara Duda, CEO of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.

The Forbes Diamonds award is yet another testimony to the company’s position of a leader. In December last year, based on the opinion of an independent expert, Ekoenergetyka-Polska was granted the “Business Gazelle” award as the second best and fastest developing company in the SME sector in Poland. The ranking is based on the most objective criterion, namely financial results, and the fact that the company was listed in it proves that it is one of the top enterprises in the country, which boasts dynamic development and high transparency.

In 2020, Ekoenergetyka-Polska implemented numerous projects, which strengthened its position on the market. It produced nearly 700 charging stations, won 68 tenders for a total amount of PLN 75 million and increased its market share in 16 countries.