Another region of Europe covered by Polish electromobility leader distribution network. Prim-Vol has become a distributor of Ekoenergetyka EV charging products and solutions in Hungary. Polish manufacturer’s reliable and innovative charging stations for electric vehicles are already available in the offer of Hungarian leader of automotive industry solutions.

Cooperation with Prim-Vol corresponds with the idea of dynamic development of real electromobility throughout Europe. Our strategy assumes gradual expansion of distribution network by new countries, just to let EVs users have equal and quick access to our innovative and reliable products. I am glad that our partner is a company that has been operating for transport ecological solutions for years – says Anna Bodnar, Distribution Development Director at Ekoenergetyka Sales, the company responsible for the sale of charging stations on the domestic and European market.

Ekoenergetyka is a leading technology company. It has been designing and manufacturing fast charging stations for electric vehicles for 12 years. It offers a wide selection of innovative and reliable charging stations for electric cars with powers from 20 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with an impressive power of up to 2,200 kW. So far, the company has launched over 1,200 charging stations in over 130 cities in 18 countries. At the same time, it provides global implementation and maintenance services, as well as monitoring and remote management of the charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Center.

We are grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with such a big company in our country. Electromobility has just started to play a significant role in the Hungarian market, and luckily, we can join this tendency together at an initial stage. – comments Tamás Szőke, COO of Prim-Vol Trade Ltd. – It has always been our objective to offer the best, innovative solutions to our potential client, and together with Ekoenergetyka, this aim is possible. Certain products of the manufacturer are already known in the Hungarian market; there is a so called Green Bus Program, which aims to modernize the bus fleets of Hungary by changing the traditional buses to zero-emission vehicles. These vehicles require charging infrastructures as well, and Ekoenergetyka’s charging solutions are already included in the list of qualified charging equipment manufacturers for electric buses.

Established in 1989, the company sells solutions and products for the automotive sector as well as modernizes fleets and vehicles. He runs, among others renovation of buses and commercial vehicles that help to reduce emissions and increase the share of low-emission vehicles in the fleet of Hungarian transport operators and haulage companies.



Ekoenergetyka starts cooperating with Wakefield-based sustainability consultants, EV3 Power, for its development of an UK-wide sales network.


Entering the British market is an important stage in the development of our network in Europe. Ekoenergetyka’s product portfolio will certainly be of interest to customers who already use or plan to use electric vehicles. As many as 70% of Britons are interested in changing a combustion engine vehicle to an EV – points out Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales.

The partnership will see Ekoenergetyka’s charging stations to be offered on the British market by EV3 Power, adding an impressive range of charging devices to their sustainability product menu.  

EV3 Power is the UK’s only nationwide EV charger installer and sustainability consultants to many types of businesses from civil engineers, developers, transport and logistics firms to education and local authorities.


Their sustainability menu provides the most cutting-edge technology to help clients meet their environmental targets. Primarily aimed at tier one contractors and construction companies working on large scale infrastructure projects, it includes solar panels, batteries, off-grid site solutions, as well as domestic and commercial EV chargers.


EV3’s Managing Director, Pete Bevils, said: “We are delighted to bring Ekoenergetyka and their truly innovative technology to the UK. They are a well-respected brand across Europe and one that is recognised for the quality of both their products and service. We see there a significant opportunity in the electric vehicle market and their charging hubs offer something completely different to what we have currently in the UK.”


Ekoenergetyka manufactures one of the broadest ranges of electric vehicle chargers in the world, specialising in high power 2200kw charging hubs for electric vehicles as well as large commercial and municipal electric vehicles, such as lorries, buses and waste collection vehicles.

The extensive experience of Ekoenergetyka is based on charging solutions installed in 131 locations, mostly across Europe, including Helsinki, Barcelona, Hannover, as well as multiple locations across France, Germany and Poland.  The portfolio also includes 30kw domestic charges and 100kw pay as you go charges, as well as super-fast 350kw chargers that can add 100 km of range to a car battery in under 4 minutes.



Ekoenergetyka has signed another distribution agreement on the European market. The Swiss company has become a partner of the Polish leader in electromobility. Ekoenergetyka strengthens its market position and develops sales network for products in the electric car segment. By 2023, the partner network will cover all of Europe.

We are pleased to establish cooperation with and enter the Swiss market, where eRevolution is gaining momentum and the demand for charging infrastructure is growing. I am convinced that our reliable charging stations are an interesting proposition for both, business and individual users – says Anna Bodnar, Director of Distribution Development, Ekoenergetyka Sales, the company responsible for sale of EV charging stations on the domestic and European market.

Ekoenergetyka is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and manufacturing modern, user-friendly fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles for 12 years. The Polish manufacturer offers a wide range of innovative and reliable charging stations for electric cars with capacities ranging from 20 kW to 350 kW and charging hubs with impressive capacities of up to 2200 kW. So far, Ekoenergetyka has installed over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. At the same time, the company successfully provides implementation and support services as well as the monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.

With the charging stations manufactured by Ekoenergetyka we have found an ideal addition to our product portfolio. We are therefore pleased to introduce the Ekoenergetyka products to the Swiss market. We see strengths of the Ekoenergetyka charging stations in the areas of fleet charging for passenger and commercial vehicles as well as in the area of public fast charging and public transport projects – says Albert Lehmann, CEO of

With over 28’000 registered EV drivers and over 1’100 public charging stations, is one of the largest and fastest growing e-mobility networks in Switzerland. Founded in 2014, offers future-proof solutions for an electrified Switzerland. The company’s infrastructure products, payment and access systems enable the intelligent and seamless operation of charging stations at public locations, in apartment buildings and at company sites.