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Network of Ultrachargers (NeU)

, Ekoenergetyka

Only 7 minutes for Heavy Duty EV (HDEV) and 1 minute for Light Duty EV (LDEV)! This is the time that it takes to charge a vehicle to drive 100 km in the innovative charging station that is being developed by Ekoenergetyka – Polska. In response to the needs of the future market of long-range electric vehicles, Ekoenergetyka is working on a series of charging stations with a capacity ranging from 750 to 1500 kW. According to plans, the ultrachargers will be launched by the end of 2023 at test charging hubs for passenger and heavy duty electric vehicles in Germany and Poland.

­­­­­NeU, the most recent project by Ekoenergetyka, will revolutionise the e-mobility market. The company is developing high power charging infrastructure for HDEVs and LDEVs. The time of charging a vehicle from the station with the initial capacity of 750 kW that is being developed in the R&D centre of Ekoenergetyka will take only 1 minute or 7 minutes, respectively for the assumed power consumption of 20 kWh/100 km and 90 kWh/100 km. This means that LDEVs will only require 4 minutes of charging to drive 400 kilometres. For HDEVs, this will take less than half an hour, i.e. the duration of the obligatory break for drivers.

Ekoenergetyka is a company that combines innovation with reliability and the highest standards of realisation with flexible design and implementation. We have been investing equally in R&D and production quality improvement for many years. In our R&D centres, we create and improve technologies and products that allow us to dynamically develop electromobility at its best, in all market segments, regardless of the location, Dagmara Duda, the President of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A emphasised. – Our strong market position results from many years of activity on the international market based on our own technology and of the dynamic development of the whole Ekoenergetyka Group, which allows us to control and further improve the whole value chain, President Duda added.

The new solution will be implemented in Germany and Poland first. By the end of 2023, Ekoenergetyka and its partners will launch a network comprising 22 charging stations. The hubs will be located in the vicinity of expressways and in several urban agglomerations, with the aim to serve, among others, utility vehicles and municipal services. As a result, Ekoenergetyka will contribute to accelerating the eRevolution in Polish cities, in the same way as it is doing in public transportation.

Engineers employed by the company at its Centre for New Technologies in Electric Transport are working on new technologies related to power electronics, mechanical structures, and equipment optimisation.  The new project uses their wide experience in designing and implementing infrastructure for European e-mobility leaders and the unique know-how that was also used during the launch of the first charging hub in Europe, i.e. the Ekoen multi-station fast charging hub.  The hub, which has been operating for over a year thanks to solutions used by Ekoenergetyka, is open 24/7 and enables fast EV charging without the need for authentication. 

Ekoenergetyka-Polska is a leading technological company. The company has been designing and producing fast charging stations for electric vehicles for 12 years. Thanks to its R&D centres and highly qualified research staff (more than 50% of employees are engineers and designers), the company sets new trends on the e-mobility market. Its portfolio of products includes reliable, innovative bus chargers of the capacity up to 600 kW, passenger car charging stations of the capacity up to 350 kW, and charging hubs of an impressive capacity reaching even up to 2200 kW.  So far, the company has launched over 1200 charging stations in more than 130 cities in 18 countries. It provides global implementation and maintenance services as well as monitoring and remote management of charging infrastructure from its own Monitoring Centre.