quickPOINT Multicharge

Intelligent charging station equipped with dynamic power distribution between charge points and connected with charging satellites. Multiple EVs can be charged simultaneously at quickPOINT MultiCharge station, with a single vehicle capable of receiving up to 350 kW per charge, or vehicles receiving 50kW each.


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Technical Details

Charging interfaceCombo 2, CHAdeMO, Type 2
CommunicationCompliant with CCS (IEC 61851-1, 61851-23, 61581-24, ISO 15118, DIN 70121), CHAdeMO
Charging currentOn BMS request
Charging voltageOn BMS request (150-800 VDC)
Output power20 kW - 1 MW
Galvanic insulation input/ output2.5 kV
IP / IKmin. IP54 / IK10
Ambient temperature-20°C – +40°C
User interfaceLED indicators, buttons, (optionally: graphic LCD)
HousingGalvanised powder coated steel/ stainless steel
ColourRAL palette mix
Dimensions*915 mm x 1700 mm x 315 mm
Weight*~ 50 kg
Remote monitoringDedicated protocol or OCPP 1.6
* Dimensions given here concern a single satellite, dimensions of the charger can be defined upon request

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