50 -100 kW AXON

Innovative charging station for electric cars. Powerful, user-friendly interface and standardised charging plugs are the hallmarks of the fastPOINT charger.

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Technical Details

Output power50/100/150 kW DC + 43 kW AC
Connection power100/155/207 kVA
Charging interfaceDC plug-in Combo CCS type 2 Mode 4

50/100/150* kW
DC plug-in CHAdeMO

50 kW
AC plug-in type 2 Mode 3

43 kW
3 x 400 VAC/50 Hz main connectionTNS cable connection
CommunicationDevice complaint with IEC 61851-1, 61851-23, 61851-24; ISO 15118; DIN 70121, JEVS G105-1993
Monitoring systemOCPP 1.6 or dedicated protocol
Rated charging currentmax. 150/200/400 Amax. 125 A63 A
Charging voltage200 - 810 V DC
Galvanic isolation3,5 kV
Noise level55 dB
IP/IKmin. IP54/IK10
Operating temperature range-30 °C ... + 50 °C
Electrical protectionsovervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit
Warrantystandard 24 months
Efficiencyover 95%
User interfaceLED signal lamps, buttons,
optional: graphic LCD
Cable lenghtDC 3,5m, AC 3,5m
HousingPowder-coated: roof - aluminium sheet, galvanised or stainless steel, walls - steel, galvanised or stainless steel sheet, base - stainless steel
ColoursRAL palette
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm~2000x1000x700~2000x1000x700~2000x1200x850
Weight~400 kg~470 kg~650 kg
*liquid cooled

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