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50 -100 kW AXON

Innovative charging station for electric cars. Powerful, user-friendly interface and standardised charging plugs are the hallmarks of the fastPOINT charger.

quickPOINT Mobile Charger 20kW

This highly mobile and versatile 20kW plug-in charger is perfect for demonstration projects and depots.

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quickPOINT Depot Charger


With a charging power range of 40-60kW in a casing of only 1m high and a possibility of making it mobile, quickPOINT Depot Charger 40-60kW means compact charging for maximum flexibility. 

quickPOINT Depot Charger


With a charging power range of 80-120kW in a casing of only 1250mm wide quickPOINT Depot Charger 80-120kW exists in single or double output configuration with dynamic power management functionality, offering slow and fast charging in one.

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quickPOINT Column Charger

One of a kind, all-in-one charger and charging post offers charging with up to 400kW via automatised pantograph system. Its small footprint and attractive design are appreciated by cities and operators alike.

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quickPOINT City Charger

Opportunity charger destined for deployments at the end of bus terminus, its power ranges from 100kW to 1MW and it can be integrated with either a connector or either type of pantograph for automatic charging.

Key features of our chargers



All our chargers are made of 10kW modules which means they are very easy to service and you have a full flexibility in choosing their charging power.


Our chargers can be intelligently managed and their power dynamically adjusted, providing your vehicles with the most optimal charging power.


We use OCPP to connect our chargers with the back office, which means we can integrate with any standardised back office on the market.


Our devices are compatible with ISO 15118, OCPP 1.6, IEC 61851-23/24, DIN 70121 and other international charging standards.