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Brussels, 30 May 2016. As of today, a temporary high power charger from for electric buses from Ekoenergetyka has been deployed in Brussels. 80kW new generation charger quickPoint DEPOT CHARGER by Polish manufacturer will charge new Urbino electric bus by Solaris Bus & Coach, which was nominated as one of five vehicles to compete for the Bus of The Year title.

The bi-annual event organised by the Association of Commercial Vehicle Editors and this year held in Brussels will choose the best bus available on sale in Europe in 2017. The 20-persons jury will test the vehicles over the course of 4 days on the routes established in the city. The charger by Ekoenergetyka will charge the bus while it participates in the competition’s tasks.

80kW mobile-plug-in charger, 30% smaller than its earlier versions, is plugged to a charging post equipped with a Combo 2 inlet and a pantograph that was custom-made by Ekoenergetyka especially for the event. The charger will be charging the new Solaris Urbino electric, equipped with a 240kWh battery. The bus can be charged overnight in the bus depot and at the end of bus line or at bus stops, meaning its autonomy is practically unlimited.

Maciej Wojenski, Ekoenergetyka’s deputy CEO said: “We are pleased to have been chosen by Solaris as the provider of the charger used in the competition, especially that it gives us an opportunity to showcase our new generation device that is 30% smaller, more efficient and modular and provides an even better charging experience to our clients”.

And he added: “Bus of the Year is not an electric bus only award. That an Urbino 12, an e-bus, is put into competition on par with combustion engine buses is in itself a proof that we as an industry are no longer in the pilot phase but are on the way to reach the level of technological maturity equivalent to diesel buses”

QuickPoint City Charger is part of the whole family of scalable devices offered by Ekoenergetyka, with chargers ranging from 20kW for bus depot to those with 450kW for charging at bus stops. They are deployed all over Europe, from Barcelona through Berlin to Warsaw, and have so far delivered over 5MW to electric buses.

Posted on 2016-05-30

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